Large Rough Uncut Diamond Sold For $35 Million

507 Carat DiamondTalk about the goose that laid the golden egg. In September 2009 a huge diamond the size of a chicken egg was discovered in South Africa. A private jewelry retailer from Hong recently bought it for over $35 million. This was a record price that anyone has ever paid for a rough uncut diamond.

The diamond revealed its beauty within the Cullinan mine, located less than an hours drive North East from Johannesburg. The 507 carat diamond weighs about 100 grams (just over 3.5 ounces) and although big, it pales in comparison to the 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond found in the same location. At almost 1.4 pounds, the Cullinan is over six times as big is the one in the picture.

Although large diamonds are extremely rare, South Africa’s Cullinan Mine seems to be that golden goose because it has produced a few golden “eggs”. The 507 carat rough diamond sold to the Hong Kong jeweler is the 19th largest diamond ever discovered. In fact when this diamond was found in September, it was accompanied by three other large diamonds ranging between 53 carats (1.87 oz.) and 168 carats (5.92 oz).

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The large Cullinan Diamond was cut into smaller pieces including the “Great Star of Africa” and the “Lesser Star of Africa”, which is now part of Britain’s crown jewels.

Just think…early in 2009 diamond prices fell by over 60% from its highs in June/July 2008. If you had $50 million dollars to spend on diamonds in 2008 you would have made a $20 million profit in less than two years. The diamond market is continuing to show signs of recovery so you could double your profit sooner than you think.

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Compact Flourescent Light Bulb Pros and Cons

Compact Flourescent Light BulbsI used to think that it was always a fantastic idea to replace all the incandescent light bulbs in your house with compact fluorescent light bulbs instead. For the most part I still think that’s true, but not in all cases.

A number of months ago I started to get headaches in the back of my head. Sometimes I would also get them around my left eye. I wasn’t sure what was causing my headaches at the time so I went to see a couple of doctors as well as a physio therapist.

This went on for a few months. It was suggested that I just spent way too much time in front of a computer and not enough time exercising and getting some fresh air. Well…for the most part that is also true.

So, I did just that. I got away from my computer more and started an exercise program with a lot of fresh air. It was great. But as soon as I got back on my computer, which was usually in the evenings, I started to get headaches again if I stayed on any longer than about one hour.

I finally did some online research and came across an article that suggested that one reason many people get headaches is because they are in close proximity with flourescent light bulbs, especially the compact variety.

Fluorescent tubes are different than compact fluorescent bulbs because tubes are usually installed on a ceiling, which is at usually some distance away from any individual (unless they were standing directly underneath it). compact bulbs, on the other hand, can be screwed into any desk lamp.

Well…guess what? My desk lamp is always no more than about two feet away from me. Sometimes I would be on my computer for hours and hours seven days a week with my desk lamp on pretty well the whole time. What was worse was that my computer desk was on the north side of my house with only a small window to direct in some ambient light.

I changed that one fluorescent light bulb with a regular incandescent 60 watt light bulb. After about two weeks or so, my headaches vanished. Wow, was I happy. Yes, the change in lifestyle certainly helped reduce the severity of my headaches, but I couldn’t eliminate them. Changing that one desk lamp from a flourescent bulb to an incandescent bulb really seemed to do the trick…so far!

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So, what are some other Pros and Cons of Fluorescent Light Bulbs over Incandescent Bulbs:

Before giving the pros and cons I just want you to be aware, if your aren’t already, that some traditional incandescent light bulbs are going to be phased out by 2012.

Fluorescent light bulbs use less electricity and this of course is much better for our environment. But, I only changed one light bulb to incandescence. I still have about 20 other fluorescent light bulbs around the house, but I am usually never too close to them any more than a few minutes at a time.

Because Fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient and last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs, they are more preferable if you need lighting for longer than 15 minutes or so.

3. On the other hand, Fluorescent bulbs will not be as efficient if you only need lighting for only a few minutes or so…less than 15 minutes.

4. Compact fluorescent bulbs should not be used in ceiling fans. I found this out the hard way. I went through 5 fluorescent bulbs in one year before realizing this. I just kept thinking I had bad bulbs, but it was the vibration from the fan which caused the bulbs inner elements to fail.

5. The thing about using compact fluorescent bulbs is that if they are not used properly the savings you realize could significantly diminish. I wasted about $20 by putting these bulbs into my ceiling fan, when I shouldn’t have.

Mercury. Yes. All compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury. Mercury can be very toxic and can be dangerous around small kids, especially if they break. I’ve had a few break on me already. I never knew about this at the time, but I sure do now. Expecting mothers also need to be aware of this as it can affect the developing fetus.

7. Because of this, all CFL’s should be taken to a qualified recycling location for disposal. This applies to unbroken or broken bulbs. If you live close to Home Depot, they should be able to direct you as to who accepts fluorescent bulbs for recycling.

8. I mentioned above that I had a few broken fluorescent bulbs already. I just cleaned it up and threw it in the garbage. This was not right. But I never knew that CFL’s contained the hazardous material, mercury. If you do break or come across a broken compact fluorescent bulb, find an Environmental Protection Agency’s website and seek information to help you with cleanup instructions.

As I mentioned above, I use incandescent lighting on my computer desk, because it can and does cause headaches if you are around it too long. Yes, it’s not as energy efficient, but for one light bulb, my own health is more important.

Technology is also improving and hopefully, this technology will help extend the life of incandescent light bulbs. New technology that looks extremely promising for the future is in the light emitting diode (LED). Light emitting diodes have been in use for some time already, but the time may soon come when all houses will be equipped with these very energy efficient and safer alternatives.

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Some Funny Cat Videos in Memory of Tigger

I was trying to come up with something to post on this blog when I started to think about my cat Tigger, who died last summer. She was run over by a speeding car. I never saw the “accident” but my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me what happened. He showed me where it happened and there she was. Yeah, I did cry a little and was quite sad for a little while.

My cat TiggerI miss Tigger, and think of her often. (No, the picture on the left isn’t her, but that’s exactly what she looked like, a beautiful tabby.) But most of all I think of all the funny things that she did. I remember one day when she climbed on one of my bigger indoor plants knocking it down on the living room rug. Man, was I pissed – dirt and plant material all over my one year old rug. I threw her outside and after I calmed down I went outside to look for her.

I started to get mad again, because I found a dead bird outside my back door. I went around to the front and found another dead bird outside my front door as well. Not good at all. After another couple hours or so I finally saw Tigger approach me just outside my garage door with something in her mouth…

…another dead bird. I just stared. Tigger then proceed to drop the bird off at my feet. What??? She meowed and backed off.  That’s when I realized that Tigger was trying to apologize to me for destroying my plant.

I felt bad and very quickly forgave her and couldn’t help but smile and take her back into my arms. We all have ups and downs in all types of relationships we have whether it is with people or with pets.

I’m selling my house soon so I don’t have another pet yet. Once I settle in to my other house I’ll see if I can find another Tigger.

Meanwhile…my thoughts were on funny things that cats do that just cannot help but make their owners smile and laugh.

So with that, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite funny cat videos from Youtube.

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Tactical Cat + Lazy Dogs:

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Kitten Time – Birthday Fun

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Cats love Lush too!

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Funny Cats

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The best Cat Video You’ll Ever See!

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Funny Cats

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More Funny Cats

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So, tell me what funny memories do you have about your cat?

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24 Good Reasons Why Boys Really Need Parents

I got this email from my brother. I gotta tell you I laughed my head off when I opened it. Inside were 24 good reasons “Why Boys Need Parents”. (I hope you don’t find any of these photos offensive. If you do, I apologize. It’s only meant to be funny, that’s all).

So, Why Do Boys Need Parents?

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

Reason #4

Reason #5

Reason #6

Reason #7

Reason #8

Reason #9

Reason #10

Reason #11

Reason #12

Reason #13

Reason #14

Reason #15

Reason #16

Reason #17

Reason #18

Reason #19

Reason #20

Reason #21

Reason #22

Reason #23

And Finally the 24th Reason Why Boys Really Really Really Need Parents: (actually I think this boy needs his mother instead…hee hee hee)

So, if you are a parent…aren’t you glad you’re there for them????

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Astral Projection – How to Astral Project Your Body

Author: John B Keaple

Astral ProjectionAstral projection is an ability that everyone has, whether they know it or not. Many people actually do it while sleeping, they are just not aware of it. If you want to learn to astral project, what you are actually learning is how to consciously do this so you can control where you go and what you do.

Assuming you already know what your astral body is and what the astral plane is, let’s learn a few different techniques that will help you astral project. When you astral project, you experience something extremely personal. Because of this, it is very important that you learn which techniques work best for you.

The first technique is one that you can do when you are in bed and getting ready to go to sleep. This is a simple five step process.

1 – *Relax your body completely. In order to reach this deep level of relaxation, lie down comfortably, and begin with your toes. Tense them for a moment, and then consciously relax every muscle. Work your way through your body all the way up to your head. This may seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it. Alternatively, you may find your body feels very heavy. Either way, it is perfectly normal. Your body just isn’t used to relaxing in this manner.

2. – *Next, take deeper, slower breaths. Using a common meditation technique works for some people. Breathe in deeply, paying close attention to how it feels for the air to come into your lungs and push against your diaphragm. Exhale slowly, completely emptying your lungs. Feel how the air leaves your body as you relax. Try to stay awake through all this. What may help is to focus on the center of your forehead, in the region of the third eye.

3. – *For step three, evaluate how your body feels.
Is it heavy? Imagine your body is a lump of clay that does not move easily. Now, think of your astral body it feels so light. It is weightless floating free. Close your eyes and envision your astral self. It feels so light it could float easily like bubbles or feathers carried by a breeze. The contrast is the physical body feels very heavy, while the astral body feels light as a feather.

4. – *At this stage, many people using this method say that they can see their darkened room even with their eyes closed. It may appear to be filled with purple light. If you get to this stage, start focusing your attention on the light fixture on the ceiling.

5. – *For the fifth step of this method, imagine that you are pulling the light on the ceiling toward you. This action may make you feel like you’re floating. Remember to stay conscious! The floating feeling should continue, and if you look down, you may see your physical body asleep on the bed below.

Congratulations, you have successfully astral projected yourself. You are now able to begin your astral travels. If this technique did not work for you, here is a second technique on how to astral project.

This technique is known as the gazing method. You can do this technique when you are going to bed as well. All you need is something to focus on, this can be a picture in your room, the moon outside the window, a crystal, whatever you prefer.

Once you’ve chosen your object, lie down and get comfortable. Turn your attention to the object. As you keep staring at it, your eyelids should begin to feel heavy. No matter what, keep staring at the object. While your eyes will tend to close eventually, you should still be able to see the object. While you continue to stare, you may feel the urge to sit or stand up. When you do get up, don’t be surprised if you see your physical form peacefully asleep.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed the first few times you try them. Frustration will increase your anxiety levels, which will prevent you from relaxing and being able to project astrally. If you find that neither of these two techniques work for you, don’t worry there are others that you can try.

In fact it is vital you understand that whatever tools and techniques you try, the main stumbling block to successful astral projection is actually your own subconscious mind. You need to reassure your subconscious mind that it is perfectly okay for your spiritual body to leave your physical body. One way you can do this is by using affirmations. Once your subconscious mind understands this, then you will find astral projection easy!

There are also a few other short cuts to help you astral project very rapidly. Without them it can take a long time to get into the right state of mind but if you use them it can happen very fast after your first attempt!

Hypnosis may help you achieve a relaxed state much more quickly. If you use a quality guided hypnosis session, it can also help explain how to astral project so you don’t have to worry about remembering what to do next. This lets you just follow the session and relax, increasing your chances of having a successful astral projection.

There is also a sound technology that is being developed called “binaural beats.” In this technology, different sound frequencies are played in each ear. This sends signals to your brain that quickly relaxes you into a deep meditative state, increasing the likelihood of a successful astral projection.

Remember that being able to astral project is not as difficult as most people believe it is. It is a natural ability that you were born with, and all of these tools and techniques just help you to fine tune an ability which is already there!

John B Keaple is a writer for the popular site. Discover the incredible experience of astral projection and you can try it yourself when you get 29 Free how to astral project Binaural and hypnosis mp3 audios when you visit here.

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Moving Day In Costa Rica

By Frank Scott

I am a professional photographer in Costa Rica. The experiences on my tours are many since I never know what my group and I will happen upon. Let me tell you about one of these surprising events.

FrankScott6One of the pleasures of living in Costa Rica is that I can conduct Costa Rica Photo Tours for folks who want to visit and photograph exotic locations. Indeed, one of the destinations on the tour is the beautiful Osa Peninsula, the “most biologically intense place” on earth according to the National Geographic Society. We drive to this location through the little village of Ojochal, which is very close to my home.

Let me tell you about a unique way to move that some rural Costa Ricans still use. One day, when my photography group was passing through the village, we noticed a most unusual way of moving. But, to help you better appreciate what we saw, let me provide you with some background on the man who was moving.

Our only neighbours when we moved to Costa Rica were Ticos (that is what the Costa Ricans call themselves) and one of them by the very Spanish name of Wilson came calling with a house warming gift of some flowering plants. It was very comical to see him standing at our driveway waiting to be invited in onto the property so that he could give us this gift. He was too polite to come to our door without an invitation.

We were not sure what he wanted and after a “conversation” with him speaking Spanish and us speaking mostly English, I realized that he wanted to give us the flowering plants. I guess it was a sort of a house-warming gift from “the neighbours.” You need to appreciate that the fellow did not own a car. He lived at least a hour away up the mountain and had carried the plants the whole way.

With the passage of time, Senor Wilson has given me flowering plants many times. Often he stands there waiting to see where I will plant it. I would probably do the same thing if I lugged it down a mountain for an hour. However, there are so many things to do that planting this gift is never one of my priorities. Certainly, I never thought that I would be tested on my ability to choose a location and plant something when I moved to Costa Rica from Canada.

One day Wilson arrived at the house with another plant, accompanied by his two sons who were going swimming in the river beside our house. He gave me the new plant and then asked where I had planted the others that he had brought.

Well, they were still in the pots (these pots are not the plastic pots that we are familiar with but old aluminum kettles with drainage holes made by stabbing the bottom with a machete), would you believe it? Wilson saw this and decided that he not only would bring the plants but he would plant them in our little garden. That tells you all you need to know about this good man.

Back to moving day. As my photography tour group and I were driving a dusty Ojochal road, we saw a man walking his horse. It was Wilson. We stopped the van and I saw that the horse was carrying two huge white bags filled with what seemed to be clothes and household items. There was also a broom wedged between one of the bags with its blue bristle extending between the horse’s ears. For the life of me, it looked as if the horse had a bristle blue tiara on! Poor horse, not very macho!

And there was Wilson standing by the horse with a bridle in one hand and a birdcage in the other. A horse, a crown, a man, and a birdcage. What a sight! Moving day.

Wilson and I start to chat as the group hurriedly grabbed their cameras. I greeted him with “Hola, que tal?” (how are you?) and jokingly asked he was moving. Well, to my surprise, that was exactly correct. The horse was his moving van or, as my group called it, Wilson’s 4 X 4.

He explained that he, his wife (a tiny lady who looks 14), and the 3 kids would be taking care of a B&B while the owner returned to Germany during Costa Rica’s rainy season. They were very pleased about this arrangement because living in the pueblo brought the kids closer to the school, saving them from walking two miles down and back from their mountain home.

I thought that it was rather interesting that he was carrying the birdcage. I would have thought that on one of the previous trips down to their new digs one of the children would have wanted to carry the cage.

Carting flowering plants and birdcages is all in Wilson’s job description. He told me and the group that the little bird was very young (parrot or parakeet, I don’t know), that it just loved to talk and knew many words. As though he understood, the bird started showing off, chattering away while we are talking about it. I would tell you what it said but my command of bird Spanish remains very poor to this day. Sorry.

You can imagine that my group was very excited about taking pictures of a crowned horse, chattering bird, and Costa Rica family walking down a mountain, worldly possessions carried by their trusty steed. Moving day in Costa Rica. One never knows what one will see or experience on my photo tour of Costa Rica.

Frank Scott writes from sunny Costa Rica where he is a professional Costa Rica Photographer offering unique photography tours. Some of his work can be seen in Costa Rica Vacations, a very popular travel guide to this unique country.

Michael Jordan's Legacy

By Lance Baker

A variety of players, in several sports are ordinarily called outstanding. Of these players, only a tiny quantity really justify that tag, and when speaking about real greats, most fall decisively into one of 2 unique categories.

First of all, and simplest to know are the stat devils, athletes whose utter statistics, whatever the sport, demand instant admiration. Examples of this are Wilt Chamberlain and his extraordinary points per game figures, Bill Russell’s title rings count, Walter Payton’s running yards, Gretzky’s points tally, et cetera.

The second faction is that of intangible leadership, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Elway. I’m certain you fellows understand where I’m coming from on this one and might all name countless lists of the guy who you suppose is someone fitting of this category.

Michael Jordan is one of the only players, in any sport who’s both, and yet he’s a whole lot more. He has several records, stats that make all conversation and evaluation pale into insignificance. He furthermore, by his supremacy, his will to win, his strength of mind to overcome the odds, illness, injury and the opponent, lifted smaller teams to levels beyond their limit.

He took a rock bottom franchise and made it one of the top brands in basketball. He took a diminutive middle-of-the-road sneaker company and made it the world’s most popular. He took a sport-with the help of Johnson and Larry Bird-that wasn’t even live on television for the Championship and made it the most viewed of all US sports. He converted the game, he was the game.

You just KNOW you will see kids in his sneakers, kids with the baggy shorts he brought to popular culture, tongues hanging, sweatbands worn just below the elbow, supports on the left calf. Every court you attempt to look at, even currently, you see kids who never saw him play, nevertheless, trying to be like Mike.

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NFL Admits to Error in Planning at Cowboys Stadium

The subject of much NFL chatter these days has revolved around the new video unit inside the brand new Cowboys Stadium. This is the largest high definition video unit in existence, and is one of many luxuries present in the new stadium. There was an event that took place a few weeks ago that leads many to believe there was poor planning with respect to this unit.

By Lance Baker

The subject of much NFL chatter these days has revolved around the new video unit inside the brand new Cowboys Stadium. This is the largest high definition video unit in existence, and is one of many luxuries present in the new stadium. There was an event that took place a few weeks ago that leads many to believe there was poor planning with respect to this unit.

Just a few weeks ago, during the first ever game played inside Cowboys Stadium, the team faced off against the Tennessee Titans in a preseason football game. During this game, a ball was kicked by Tennessee’s punter. The punted ball went high enough to hit the video unit, leading to immediate concerns that its height must be adjusted.

According to a few sources, the NFL has come out and taken responsibility for this blunder, admitting to the pressing need to fix this as soon as possible.

Ray Anderson, currently the NFL’s VP of Operations, held a conference recently and took the blame for this mistake. He acknowledged the fact that this unit is lower than it should be and can’t remain this way.

Anderson admits that the NFL missed the mark when calculating the appropriate height, and should have done some more research into the issue before implementing the unit. Everything was done by using “guesstimates”, he states, and the league in fact felt that 85 feet would be fine. 90 feet, they felt, would be cautious and more than enough. Anderson assured reporters that the problem will be dealt with expediently.

On the Cowboys’ side of things, Jerry Jones has offered his cooperation with respect to the issue, willing to adjust the height of the unit as needed. Additionally, he’s agreed to move an advertisement that hangs from the bottom of the unit.

This screen is no joke. With a 180 foot length and a 73 foot height, it bests the screen at Yankee Stadium, and any other in the world. The value of this screen is a whopping $40 million.

When all is said and done, the fact that a game could be disrupted prompts a necessary adjustment to the board’s height. How soon this may occur still remains to be seen.

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Different Breed-Different Dog

The key to be successful with your efforts to bring home a dog is knowing which breed of dog can be suitable to you or your home. There are a great deal of different dog types that are known to the world, not to mention those produced as cross-types like in the form of Labradoodle which is a fusion of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

By Thomas Clark

dogsFortunately, not all canines are created equal. The differences in every individuals vary from one another and the same goes with the variation among the disposition and personality of each dog breeds. The key to be successful with your efforts to bring home a dog is knowing which breed of dog can be suitable to you or your home. There are a great deal of different dog types that are known to the world, not to mention those produced as cross-types like in the form of Labradoodle which is a fusion of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

Obviously, asking yourself with – “what size of dog can your family handle?” is the mere question that you should consider. A large dog can have enough space to run and play when placed in a house in the suburbs with a large yard.

Is a well-built dog but is cuddly enough and can get along well playing with children something that you wish to have?

Are you hoping to get a watchdog for your home or business? Are you the competitive type of person that you even want to train a dog that you can compete with others as a show dog? Perhaps you would want to choose a pet that can be your best buddy as it can go with your simple way of resting such as watching Television all day and with size suitable enough in your apartment. In searching for the kind of dog breed that may be right for you, these things are in reality practical enough to be considered.

Consider the number of individuals living in your home. If you are a single individual, you might want a pet that needs not much of an attention and can be left alone inside your house while you go working all throughout the day and he would just keep himself busy by playing with his toys or sleeping all day.

A medium to large-size dog is what a home with small kids might need since most of them are gentle and patient with kids by nature. Treating dogs similar to a toy is something that you can expect from small children – they don’t know that a dog is not something they should involve in their roughhousing since they are just one of those living and breathing animals that they might hurt.

Some breeds would not tolerate the antics of small children, but would be great with older children. older adults are best with the kinds of dogs which are calm, demand not much of a time and effort as well as maintenance.

Dogs can also be divided into two fundamental classes – dogs that tend to shed and those dogs that don’t really lose hair. One of those issues that most dog owners complain about is the shedding of their dogs. May it be to your clothing, furniture or even to your guests who would tend to sit in any part of your house, dog hair is more likely to be found clinging on.

Short haired dogs may look simpler but they can lose hair, too. You can divide shedding with the barely shedding, seasonal only dropping hair and constant shedding hair.

Both the height and weight issue are important things that you should think about when choosing the size of the breed. The weight of a variety of dog types may come with the weight of smaller dogs which can be less than 10 pounds, medium dogs weighing eleven to twenty five pounds, large dogs can weigh twenty six to fifty pounds and extra large dogs weigh 51-80 pounds. extremely large dogs, like Mastiffs and St. Bernards, can tip the scale at one hundred to one hundred and eighty pounds.

Is your furniture tough enough to stand anything that a dog can do? pick out a dog breed based on its potential size or how it would turn out to be as an adult and not as what you would want him as a puppy since your dog will grow up soon. Anticipate big dogs to eat a lot of food to satisfy themselves. If you bring home a Mastiff, you may need another job just to pay for the dog food and care.

Care demands are another fundamental consideration. More grooming and care may be involved of some dog breeds while some of them can go with the basics. Those fancy trims are for show dogs like poodles and they too, would need or be given by some dog owners more time spent in the spa more than they pamper themselves.

Even ordinary family dogs may need weekly (or even daily) grooming to keep their coats from tangles and to preserve good physical health. You should be able to give time in doing some proper research with regards to the vital info about the dog breed such as its size, temperament and grooming requirements. It’s only fair to the dog you select that you be prepared to care for basic needs, plus provide the love and attention that only you can give.

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Bulls and Celtics Fight for Arroyo

In April, we witnessed the start of a showdown building between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. The two organizations competed during the first round of the postseason for a remarkable playoff series, playing seven overtimes in seven games, and the spark was present.

By Albie Cunningham

Not too long ago, we watched the birth of a rivalry going on concerning the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. The 2 franchises competed during the first round of the postseason for a memorable playoff round, forcing seven overtimes in seven meetings, and the excitement was there.

It was a matchup based around guards. The Boston Celtics had Rajon Rondo, 23 years old , averaging very nearly a triple-double each night and leading a Boston franchise run down by injuries and forced to go small. Chicago had Derrick Rose, twenty, undergoing a central series in the seminal years of his existence. A young player surrounded by veterans, Rose played with poise beyond his years.

Now, four months have gone by, and the two teams still maintain a rivalry with respect to their point guards.

The guy in question is Carlos Arroyo. The 30-year-old career backup guard played eight years in the NBA between 2001 and 2008; he then left and shipped off to Israel, reaching a one-season deal with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Now, after a year elsewhere, Arroyo wants to once again play in the NBA.

The Celtics are the rational team for Arroyo. The Celts are now without a decent bench for Rondo at point guard — and following 2 years of picking one up in midseason (1st Sam Cassell in , then Stephon Marbury this past year), they could basically use a season-round guard. The team has allegedly come to conditions with Marquis Daniels, although Daniels is more of a swingman-type than a standard point guard. He’s by no means the solution.

Arroyo is a worthy match. He’s relatively low-priced, he plays hard on both ends of the floor, and he’d be beyond pleased as a bench on a good franchise. He’s done it before — he backed up Mark Jackson with the Jazz, Chauncey Billups in Detroit, not to mention Jameer Nelson with the Magic. He does not demand a starting role to be content in the NBA — he’ll just get minutes every way he can get them.

It sounds as if Arroyo is in talks with the Celtics regarding becoming the latest bench for Rondo.

But for, of course, the Bulls snag him away beforehand.

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